Sunday, November 1, 2009

In a previous blog I mentioned using DbC as a technique on a project. I forgot to mention one important element that is very important in DbC and that's invariants. Since I did not use any fancy tools to work with DbC I had to find a way to define invariants. I choose to simply define a private method called invariants and added a call to this method in a conditional compile block at the beginning and end of every public methods. Like I said in my previous discussion this simple way of using DbC adds a bit of clutter to the code but this is a small cost to pay to get the benefit of DbC.
Invariants are assertions about a class that are always true. For a linked list for example:

first != null || size == 0

Combined with preconditions and postconditions the impact on code correctness is just amazing. Thinking about the assertions just get you there faster.
On my next project I just might use Microsoft's Contract tool. The only annoying thing is that I probably won't be able to use this with MONO.

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